With a new grand baby in our family, sleep has become a big topic of discussion.  At the top of Becca’s Christmas list was “sleep”.  Grant has now given them some nights of sleeping all night!!!

The night feedings are a great time to memorize scripture and pray.  I think probably one of the main scriptures and prayers I had at that time in my life was Psalm 127:2 . . . He gives His beloved sleep. 😉

Psalm 4:8 (I will lie down in peace and sleep, for you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe) is a great verse to have  young children memorize if they have a problem sleeping.  Guide them  to memorize any “I will” verses as it helps bring their wills under God’s control.

There are also foods that are supposed to help you sleep.  Here are a few I found in my research: lettuce, bananas, oatmeal, turkey, warm milk, and chamomile tea.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful if you or your child are having trouble with insomnia.

We can trust God to give us the rest we need.


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  1. Thanks Mrs. Sheliah….we are trying some of your suggestions… we will see how it goes…Hope “baby Grant” and his parents:))) get some sleep soon….It WILL get better!! Love you! The Attaways!!

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