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Screen shot 2011-05-09 at 5.53.26 PMIdell Pratt Head
5/9/1919 – 12/12/1997

There have been many great moms throughout history and I tend to quote Susanna Wesley more than any, but the mother who has affected my life the most is my own mother.  She only had a 9th grade education and worked in a cotton mill, but she was a superior mother and grandmother.

When I was growing up, Mom was always busy taking care of her family and never taking time for herself.  She was happiest when she was doing something for her husband, her children, and her grandchildren.

She loved God and took me to church regularly, even though my Dad didn’t get involved in church until I was 13.  She read the Bible to me and prayed with me every night when she tucked me in bed; this set the example for me to do the same with my children.

Whenever I had friends to spend the night, she would buy us anything we wanted to snack on and would spend time with us telling stories from her childhood or just talking with us.  Our home was always open; Mom loved to have people stop by to visit.  This greatly influenced me as I am most in my element when my home is full of people.

Mom loved to give to others even though she didn’t have much.  She loved to bake pies and keep them in the freezer just so she would have something to give to someone who might come by – everyone left with a homemade pie.

Mom developed a lot of physical problems later in life and it makes me sad that my children did not get to know her like I knew her or the older grandchildren knew her.  She died of lung cancer in 1997.  I still miss her very much and wish I could have a long talk with her.  I thank God for her leading me to Christ, giving me such a happy childhood, and setting the example of what a mother should be.

My cousin wrote me a few years after her death and said that he still missed my mom and that he never met a women as good nor will he ever meet a woman as good as my mom!!

Whenever I get to longing for Mom or Dad, I ask God to tell them that I love them and am thinking of them.  So . . . God, please tell Mom “Happy Mother’s Day from her baby girl”.


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  1. Sheilah

    I enjoyed reading about your mom. She indeed left you some sweet memories…and

    others as well! I do the same thing on holidays when I think about my parents! I ask

    God to tell them I love them and miss them! See you Sunday…. Gail

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