“Jesus loves the little children – all the children of the world”

I just got home from my second trip to La Romano, Dominican Republic.  Last year I visited an orphanage there and met a girl named Dalia who touched my heart.  We took coloring pages for the children to have.  Dalia immediately started coloring hers and wrote her name and my name on it and then gave it to me.    I kept it and I have prayed for her off and on all year.

When I walked through the gate this year she ran up immediately and latched on to me.  I showed her the page she had given me last year, which put a big smile on her face.  She then proceeded to make me another picture and write “I love you” on it.  Also, I was delighted to see that she and her friend had remembered the song I sang to them last year about Jesus.

Dalia clung to me during the short visit we had at the orphanage.  When it was time to leave, she asked someone who spoke English to ask me when I was coming back and told me to come back pronto!  Unfortunately I couldn’t make her any promises.  She walked me to the gate and had the most forlorn look on her face when we left;  it was so hard to say goodbye.

I was told that some of those children still have parents who could come back to get them when they are old enough to make them money by prostituting.   I don’t know Dalia’s past nor her future, but God does.  I don’t know how I can help her, but God loves her more than I could ever love her.  But my heart hurts – I will continue to pray for her.


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