Leading Little Ones to Love God’s Word

(This is another lesson from Here a Little, There a Little,  a compilation of  Bible activities I created years ago to use with my preschool children.  It was designed to spend a week memorizing the verse and reinforcing it through 5 Bible lessons and 5 activities.)

Begin by cutting out the shape of a Bible and paste on it one of the following verses. Then place it on the fridge all week.  Read the suggested passages for Bible stories or thoughts and tell them in your own words.  I have given you suggested things to share about each.  Do at least one of the suggested activities each day.  I am sure you can come up with better ideas on your own – this is just to get you started.


The Bible – God’s Word

Bible Verse:
Psalm 119:97 O How I Love Your Word

Psalm 119:6 I will not forget God’s Word

Bible Stories:

1 Samuel 1 & 2 A long time ago Hannah and Elkanah prayed for God to give them a little boy. God answered their prayer and sentthem Samuel. Hannah wanted Samuel to belong to God and do all God wanted him to. So Hannah spent about 5 years with Samuel teaching him God’s Word. Because Samuel learned God’s Word, he knew how to love God, and do all that God wanted him to do. Do you want to be good and do all God wants you to do? Then learn God’s word, the Bible.

II Timothy 1:5 and 3:15 When Timothy was a little boy, his grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice would teach him the Bible. Timothy’s grandmother and mother loved the Bible and wanted Timothy to love it too. When Timothy grew up he did love the Bible like his mother and grandmother because he had known about it since he was a little child.

Acts 8:27-35 Philip was one of Jesus’ helpers. He went to different cities teaching about God’s Word. One time he was walking to another city to preach and he saw a man from Ethiopia reading his Bible. Philip went to the man and helped him to know more about God’s Word. The man began to love God because Philip had taught him the Bible.

Psalm 119 David loved God’s Word the Bible. He knew the Bible was a special book that God had written so we would know how to be good. One night as David took care of God”

Job 1, 23 Job was a man that loved God and did what was right. God was very pleased with Job. Do you know why Job was so good and pleased God so much? Because he read the Bible. He said that he loved to the read the Bible more than he loved to eat. That’s a lot, isn’t it. Do you love to eat? Do you love the Bible?

Prayer: May we never forget Your Word and always love and obey it.


Activities for baby:

Put Bible or picture of Bible in crib for baby to look at.
Read Bible while feeding
Quote verses while rocking to sleep
Show verses on wall or fridge
Show the Bible while you sing about it

Activities for older preschoolers:

Look at the Bible together while singing about it and treating it special.

Make a scroll (what books looked like before there was binding) and paste Bible verses or pictures on it.

Paste a Bible verse on a favorite toy (ex – You could put Psalm 100:1 “Make a joyful noise” on a musical instrument

Make a picture with a Bible verse on it.  Hang it on the wall.  Share Deuteronomy 11:20 “Write God’s Word on your doors & gates”

Make a book marker for their Bible.




Suggested Books:
The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes

Leading Little Ones to God: A Child’s Book of Bible Teachings

Good Little King Josiah: 2 Kings 22-23:2, Chronicles 34-35 for Children (Arch Book)


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