What to do when your child’s performance leaves much to be desired

When your child’s behavior is less than what you have hoped for, do you pull out another ‘how to’ book,  or phone a friend for advice,  or take a poll on facebook, or spend hours googling the problem?  No, this is the time to pray!!!

Anytime you have a concern in your child’s development, no matter what age and no matter how big or small the problem, your first response should be prayer.  Ask the One who made the child and knows and loves the child better than you, how to deal with him or her. 

Parents work in the lives of their children through prayer.  It keeps us in tune with God and gives Him the freedom to work in our children’s lives.  This is not to say you never seek advice, but first, always talk to God about the situation and even pray with your children concerning the problem.

And also, when you get exasperated by something your child is doing,  remember God gives us time to grow and mature, let’s do the same for our children. 🙂


2 thoughts on “What to do when your child’s performance leaves much to be desired

  1. I think an important thing to remember here is that kids are human beings too. They will not be perfect and they won’t know how to behave in/handle every situation. While praying is important when it comes to situations that arise in your family, I think having patience is just as, or even, more important. If you lose your patience and take your frustration out on your child, you will most likely miss the solution to the problem at hand.

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