When a New Baby Comes to Your House


Grant welcomes Hudson

Our new grandson is now home with his family – Josh, Becca, and Grant.  All are doing well.  Josh and Becca have done a good job preparing Grant for his little brother’s arrival during the months of waiting.  They talked with him often about how God was blessing them with a new baby and what a good big brother Grant was going to be.  They even came home from the hospital with a gift from baby Hudson for Grant – the Batman helicopter was a big hit with him.

I am staying with them a few weeks to reassure Grant of his special place in his family during this adjustment time of learning to share Mom and Dad.  We are reading books about new babies, coloring pictures of babies and mommies, gluing pictures of babies into a booklet, and diapering a teddy bear.

I am using some of the same activities and stories I used the week we brought our second son home 30 years ago.  Our Bible verse for the week is “I will praise God for I am wonderfully made”. Psalm 139:14.  We have looked at baby pictures of Grant and talked about how special God made him. We ran, sorted big & little toys, sang and danced.  We shared the verse as we did each activity and talked about how wonderful God made him to be able to do all these things. (Check out the next blog post coming out in a few days for the entire lesson on self-worth.)

There are a number of books to read about a new baby.  Here are a couple of suggestions:

The New Baby by Mercer Mayer

The New Baby (Paperstar) By Mister Rogers

Mister Rogers has an excellent song about when a new baby comes to your house.  I couldn’t find it online but am linking to a recording from a vinyl I had years ago When the baby comes to your house.  If anyone does find it for sale online please let me know so I can post the link here.

I hope these things are helpful if you have a new baby come to your house.

1980 Josh welcomed Jer into the family


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