More of “A Brother is Born to Help in Time of Need”

This week we are emphasizing the Bible verse “A brother is born to help in time of need” (Proverbs 17:17b)

Today Grant and I read the story of Moses in The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes; we talked about how Moses’s big sister helped her little brother in time of need. We also read Courage the Monkey in which the little brother helped his big brother have courage. We read a favorite again today We’re Very Good Friends, My Brother and I.

We sang this song: Grant has a new brother

We cut out, colored, and put happy faces on paper dolls of Grant and Hudson.  We then covered them in plastic to make them durable to play with.

A simple activity but it gave us opportunity to talk about the fact that brothers are friends and that Grant can help Hudson and one day Hudson will be able to help him.

When Hudson was crying today, we stopped what we were doing and prayed for him to be happy and not cry.

I think Grant loves his brother!


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  1. Good ideas and good advice. I will pass it on to Brad and Kristen. I’m staying with them this week to help with big brother Caleb.

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