New Children’s Book About Healthy Eating

Have you heard of SAD? It is the Standard American Diet made up of processed, nutrient-deficient, fast foods that are not supplying what is needed to stay healthy and be successful.  The Bible has something to say about that:  Why spend money on what is not bread,  and your labor on what does not satisfy? Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare.(Isaiah 55:2)

If the eating habits of you and your children are ‘SAD’, you will want to check out this new children’s book that addresses the issue in such a way anyone can begin making wise choices in eating.   I’m excited to recommend The Adventures of Junk Food Dude by Robyn Openshaw.   Robyn writes a blog ( with a passion to help others achieve fantastic health and energy eating whole foods .

Her new book expresses her passion in an interesting story of two little boys and how the differences in their food choices affect their lives. Your child will learn about healthy eating without the feeling of having sat through a lesson on Nutrition.  The illustrations by Lori Sume make the book very inviting to children.

If you are looking for a good children’s book to help reinforce healthy eating habits, you will love this book!! There’s even a fun  quiz at the end that has you sorting nutritious food and junk food.  And the story not only teaches healthy eating, it teaches care and concern for friends!  This is an excellent product to help you Train Up the Child!!!


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