AWANA – A Great Program to Help Parents Equip Kids for Life

Awana Works III

Train Up the Child is totally dedicated to providing you with resources to help you establish God’s Word in the children God has rewarded you with.  There is not a better program that will aid you as a parent in doing this than Awana. Find a church that has Awana and enroll your children immediately as a new year is just beginning!!! You and your children will not be disappointed. Go to the Awana site to locate an Awana club anywhere in the USA and to find out more about this excellent program which has been equipping children with the gospel of Christ for more than 50 years.

Awana has so much to offer for each age group.  Of course the main thing is getting children excited about weekly memorizing Bible verses. They earn awards to proudly display on their uniforms; they hear Bible stories; and they play games.  They even get to earn Awana shares which they can spend at the Awana store at certain times during the year!

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All of our 4 children were involved in Awana (sorry Josh and Jer I could only find pics of Jon and Jenny):

                             IMAG0001               IMAG0002

and now our grandchildren are beginning to be involved:


Isaiah 55:11 says that there is power in God’s Word and it will accomplish what God desires wherever it is sent.  Let Awana help you in sending it into your children and thus reaping everlasting results in their lives! 


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