New books to help lead the young child spiritually

“As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby.”
I Peter 2:2

This blog is dedicated to helping you feed your young children God’s Word.  Begin immediately – we don’t wait awhile before we begin feeding the baby his physical food.  Psalm 58:3 says sinning starts as soon as we are born  – sooo –  why should we wait to begin to give him spiritual nourishment.  Give your child the “sincere milk of the Word” while he is young so he will be so filled up with Jesus that he will not hunger for anything else in his life.

I’m excited about a new publishing company, Graham Blanchard Publishing, which is also dedicated to helping children learn about Jesus starting at the very beginning.  They make books for very young children that not only entertain the little ones, but provide tips and resources for parents on how to use the stories to start meaningful conversations about Christ.

Callie Grant is the author of the books and also the founder of the company.   She started the company after failing to find books for her daughter that made Jesus out to be more than a cartoon character in a story. She wanted to teach her daughter, at a very young age, about the true heart and character of Christ.

The books fall under three categories: Learn, Absorb and Praise. Learn books pair actual passages of scripture with colorful pictures. Absorb books connects the facts about God to a child’s inner life. Praise books celebrate God’s creation.

I recently had the opportunity to review a few of the books with two of my young grandsons.  Here are their opinions on the three books we read:

Book reviews by Grant (5) and Hudson (3)

Close As A Breath

  • Grant liked the fact that the little girl was with her dad and he was answering her questions.
  • Hudson liked the trees.
  • Grant liked the little girl looking at the stars .
  • When I asked who is close as a breathe, Grant answered Jesus.
  • They liked to ‘breathe in and breathe out’ as we did what the dad told the daughter to do.

All Of Me

(This book is a good way to introduce talking about the child’s heart.)

  • They especially like seeing the picture of the little boy dressed like superman and a baseball player 🙂

Little Seed: A Life

  • Grant said this was his favorite and that it was beautiful and colorful.


Check out Graham Blanchard Publishing website for more books.  I highly recommend them!




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