Movie Review: Moms’ Night Out

Moms!  Take a night out and go see Moms’ Night Out!  In fact, you may want to take your husband and the kids – it is great family entertainment with something for all ages!

We established in a previous post that being a mom is hard!  Sometimes you just need to laugh at your life.  Every mom will be able to identify with exhausted Allyson (Sarah Drew) and her friends.   Their efforts to have just one evening out to try and recharge will totally give to you some much needed belly laughs!!  I have never laughed as hard as I did at this movie – I’m serious.  But in the midst of all the levity, there are inspiring messages to us all which are sure to bring tears as well.  Here is just a sampling:

Pastor’s wife Sondra (Patricia Heaton): “Life is about finding the meaning and the joy and the purpose in all the chaos.”
Biker dude Bones (Tracy Adkins): “It’s a beautiful thing, watching one of God’s creatures doing what He made it to do,”

This film is not being labeled a faith based film even though there are some scenes that would make you think it is.  I like what one of the producers, who also plays one of the moms, Patricia Heaton, had to say about faith based films in an interview with Orange County Register:

Now, what I find discouraging, and what I would like to see changed, is not to have movies so segregated into faith-based movies and secular movies. When did the words “faith-based” become controversial? Actually, all movies are faith-based movies because whoever wrote and directed them are telling you what they believe in. Every movie is based on someone’s belief and faith. “Moms’ Night Out” does this beautifully, and I want to be part of a movement that would make all movies faith-based, without it being political or divisive. We’re at a point where people feel they have to whisper about anything spiritual. My goodness, when did we get to this point where people are afraid to talk about spiritual things? I don’t want to do movies that are sermons. If I wanted to do sermons, I’d become a pastor. I want to do movies that explore those things, without doing it overtly or in your face.

To the writers Jon Erwin and Andrea Gyertson Nasfell and all those involved in making this film, I say thank you.  I appreciate your giving us such an entertaining and hilarious look at the most important job of all – being a mom!  And thank you for the wise, Biblical words of encouragement that resounded loud and clear without being ‘in your face’!!!

Check to find out where Moms’ Night Out is playing and go see it.  I guarantee you will be refreshed and encouraged!

Mom’s Night Out:  Official Trailer


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