Great Resource from Creator of Veggie Tales – What’s in the Bible ?

I just found a great resource to teach children the Bible.  It is from the creator of Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer.  This is not just random and familiar Bible stories, but it’s the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation.   There are videos, free downloadable coloring pages and activities, and even a whole curriculum for Sunday School and VBS.

I love the fact that it covers the whole Bible so children can get the complete picture of God’s story!

Please check out What’s in the Bible? for a comprehensive and FUN way to teach your children the Bible and even answer some difficult questions about it! Watch this trailer:

And if you are shopping for curriculum for your church, get special discounts here. Watch this trailer:


Resource for Teaching Young Children about ‘Their Inner Being’

I pray that out of His glorious riches He may strengthen you with power
through His Spirit in your inner being,
so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith.
Ephesians 3:16-17

The intangible concept of the ‘inner man’ or the soul is sometimes difficult to explain, however, the author of Your Core very clearly gets the concept across to a young child.

Callie Grant compares the core of a ball, of an apple, and the core of the earth to our core.  She explains the purposes of the cores of these objects and then the purpose of our core – to relate to God – ‘so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith’.

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New books to help lead the young child spiritually

“As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby.”
I Peter 2:2

This blog is dedicated to helping you feed your young children God’s Word.  Begin immediately – we don’t wait awhile before we begin feeding the baby his physical food.  Psalm 58:3 says sinning starts as soon as we are born  – sooo –  why should we wait to begin to give him spiritual nourishment.  Give your child the “sincere milk of the Word” while he is young so he will be so filled up with Jesus that he will not hunger for anything else in his life.

I’m excited about a new publishing company, Graham Blanchard Publishing, which is also dedicated to helping children learn about Jesus starting at the very beginning.  They make books for very young children that not only entertain the little ones, but provide tips and resources for parents on how to use the stories to start meaningful conversations about Christ.

Callie Grant is the author of the books and also the founder of the company.   She started the company after failing to find books for her daughter that made Jesus out to be more than a cartoon character in a story. She wanted to teach her daughter, at a very young age, about the true heart and character of Christ.

The books fall under three categories: Learn, Absorb and Praise. Learn books pair actual passages of scripture with colorful pictures. Absorb books connects the facts about God to a child’s inner life. Praise books celebrate God’s creation.

I recently had the opportunity to review a few of the books with two of my young grandsons.  Here are their opinions on the three books we read:

Book reviews by Grant (5) and Hudson (3)

Close As A Breath

  • Grant liked the fact that the little girl was with her dad and he was answering her questions.
  • Hudson liked the trees.
  • Grant liked the little girl looking at the stars .
  • When I asked who is close as a breathe, Grant answered Jesus.
  • They liked to ‘breathe in and breathe out’ as we did what the dad told the daughter to do.

All Of Me

(This book is a good way to introduce talking about the child’s heart.)

  • They especially like seeing the picture of the little boy dressed like superman and a baseball player 🙂

Little Seed: A Life

  • Grant said this was his favorite and that it was beautiful and colorful.


Check out Graham Blanchard Publishing website for more books.  I highly recommend them!




AWANA – A Great Program to Help Parents Equip Kids for Life

Awana Works III

Train Up the Child is totally dedicated to providing you with resources to help you establish God’s Word in the children God has rewarded you with.  There is not a better program that will aid you as a parent in doing this than Awana. Find a church that has Awana and enroll your children immediately as a new year is just beginning!!! You and your children will not be disappointed. Go to the Awana site to locate an Awana club anywhere in the USA and to find out more about this excellent program which has been equipping children with the gospel of Christ for more than 50 years.

Awana has so much to offer for each age group.  Of course the main thing is getting children excited about weekly memorizing Bible verses. They earn awards to proudly display on their uniforms; they hear Bible stories; and they play games.  They even get to earn Awana shares which they can spend at the Awana store at certain times during the year!

New At Awana Blogger Box

All of our 4 children were involved in Awana (sorry Josh and Jer I could only find pics of Jon and Jenny):

                             IMAG0001               IMAG0002

and now our grandchildren are beginning to be involved:


Isaiah 55:11 says that there is power in God’s Word and it will accomplish what God desires wherever it is sent.  Let Awana help you in sending it into your children and thus reaping everlasting results in their lives! 


Teach Children to Eat Healthy

I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon last week – at age 60 this was my first!!!!  It was so much fun and so rewarding to know that I had disciplined my body to run 13.1 miles by exercising and eating healthy.   Emphasize these disciplines in your children while their beliefs and habits are being formed. Teach them that our bodies belong to God who made us and we are to honor God in the way we take care of them.  (1 Cor. 6:19-20)

During training I could definitely tell a difference in running on the day following a day I had not made wise food choices. What you eat does make a difference!  Green Smoothie Revolution and Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko have greatly influenced my diet.

Victoria has now written books for children to help reinforce good eating habits.  Below are two of them and another, Green Smoothie Magic, will be available soon.

A Gift From Little Bear is such a cute little story that teaches a couple of lessons. The bear takes unhealthy food from the children and gets a tummy ache. He learns from his mommy that bear’s ‘berry’ food is good for everyone and he decides to share his good food with the children. This is a wonderful, subtle way of teaching better eating habits – and sharing!!

Buy some berries and pretend to be the little bear sharing with the children.  As yall eat the delicious berries share  ‘God satisfies your mouth with good things,” (Psalm 103:5)


Fruits I Love is a great way to introduce children to a variety of fruits. The book’s colorful pictures are visually inviting to children, and what child doesn’t enjoy a rhyming book! I appreciate the fact that in reading this book to a child, you are doing more than just reading words or looking at pictures, but you are actually making fruit very appealing to them.

After reading this book with your children, purchase each of the fruits depicted in the book and have your children actually examine, smell, taste, find the seeds, and rate the fruits according to which they like best. This is a delicious way to begin a love for fruits! Again emphasize Psalm 103:5.