Power in the Name

Sunday night I called my mentor who taught me to teach children. Her name is Jo Bevington. Her love for Jesus and passion for leading little ones to Christ is infectious. Although she never had children of her own, there are many, many children who have come to believe in Jesus either directly by her, or by the many mothers she has taught to train their children for the Lord. She started working with children as a teenager and is now 85. So that is around 70 years of teaching children and teaching others to teach children. She got her doctorate in early childhood education when she was 58. She did her dissertation on building faith in the preschooler, birth through 3 years old!!!! I told her I would love to get a copy of that and she said she might try to send it to me.

She said she did research one semester on the effects of the name of Jesus on the infant!!!!! Wow!! I believe that every child should hear the Name of Jesus every day of his life beginning in the womb. I still tell my adult children “Jesus loves you”. There is power, purpose, and protection in that name of Jesus –

Philippians 2:10 … so that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth,

Sing the Name to your babies; talk of Jesus daily with your children; lead them every day to call on His name in prayer; and let His powerful Name be the last thing they hear from you at night.