Tell Your Children About D-Day


Joshua 4:6-7
. . . In the future, your children will ask . . . Then you can tell them,

John 15:13
Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.

Today is another opportunity to teach your children of how God has cared for us in the past.  It is another day to remember the soldiers who bravely fought and unselfishly gave their lives for the freedom of others. Inform your children about what happened on this day 68 years ago.

  • Look at a globe or map of the world and point out America, Britain, France, and Germany.
  • Talk about how the men left their homes and families and went to a far away country to fight for what was right. Help your children to think about how the soldiers and their families must have felt.
  • Briefly describe what happened on that day: “On June 6, 1944, thousands of soldiers forced their way into France, landing on 5 beaches in Normandy.  Their mission was to stop the German leader Adolf Hitler who had taken freedom away and killed many, many innocent people. The attack was the largest single-day invasion of all time, with over 130,000 troops arriving by air and by sea in one day. Even though the Germans had many soldiers, they were not able to stop the invasion. Two of the 27 countries that worked together were Britain which was led by Winston Churchill and America which was led by President Franklin D Roosevelt. They were called the Allies and God helped them win.   D-Day is often called ‘the beginning of the end of the war’.
  • Look at photos of D-Day:
  • Get an overview of the war:
  • Clips from real footage of the invasion:
  • As you tell about what happened, use toys or some visuals to act it out.
  • Thank God for the soldiers who were so brave and unselfish to fight for our freedom.




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